We use industry-standard enterprise languages, frameworks and integrations to focus on your business logic and deliver solutions fast. We Understand Businesses and develop solutions to optimize your company’s success.



We help companies turn data into meaningful information.  Our results are personalized and help you better serve your clients.



We are more than your regular hosting company.  We will assess your needs and provide a solution that is simple to understand, quick to implement and easy to manage.


Website Design

We create stunning website presence for all businesses.  Our websites will show case your business while capturing your uniqueness on the world wide web.  We have professional photography and design available as well as hosting pricing.

Phone Services

We provide unified communications with setup and maintenance of your phone system.  We provide affordable solutions for a variety of business sizes or industry.   We will provide as much or as little assistance as needed with installation, management, and maintenance of your PBX.

Project Management

No matter your transition or implementation we are here to make sure your Project goes smoothly.  We will initiate, plan, execute, oversee, and close the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success in an efficient timeline.

Help Desk

We are located in West Michigan and provide a cross-platform technology solution for your users.We are a comprehensive IT company and serve as the IT department for small businesses. We handle IT management, cloud services, deployment, remote and onsite support, help desk services, and warranty repair. We are based in West Michigan, but our clients extend across the U.S. and beyond. Our goal is simple: To help make Technology simple for you so you can focus on providing your services to your clients and customers.


Simple API

Keeping API simple allows users access quickly and efficiently with little training.


Our hosting solutions are built for reliability, speed and security. You will find all you need right here.


Our team is highly skilled with a diverse skill set to bring solutions to all technology needs.

Clear Direction

In order to develop best practices for your organizations there may be some changes in order, perhaps the most underutilized of these are clear directions.  It may seem obvious those leading the change need to provide a clear direction but it is so much more.  It’s really about enabling your team to bring about the change.

Minimal Design

Keeping design simple is a visual concept which will never go out of style.  It has been around for years and it’s even more relevant today.  We help you say more with less, giving you a clean, crisp, and timeless product.  By leaving the unnecessary on the drawing board we can complete your project more quickly.

Useful Components

By keeping things simple we can keep the most useful components center which cuts down on time and saves you money.  Products are delivered more quickly so that you and your team can enjoy increased productivity faster.  Lets keep what’s important at the forefront and move your company ahead of the game.

You need solutions, We have answers