Customer Support

 Rubix Technology is about simplifying your IT problems and being available to you and your team members when issues arise. We have On Call, Onsite, and Remote support options available to you.

Is This For Me?

This allows us to manage requests from your employees and decrease your IT supported workload, all while bringing exceptional services to your organization. We are based in Grand Rapids, but offer help desk services to our customers located within and outside of Michigan. Depending on your location and the services you select, we can further discuss which help desk options would be most beneficial to your company.

Why Choose Us

benefit 1

Always have real people, knowledgeable in IT, available to serve your business.

benefit 2

Avoid the hassle of communicating and troubleshooting with other tech companies.

benefit 3

Gain more time to work on what you need by letting us manage your IT workload.

benefit 4

Be informed and understood through clear communication.

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