COVID-19 Home Health

We at Rubix want to help with the Covid-19 crisis. We have developed a cloud application to track people’s health stats such as Oxygen Levels and Temperature from home. This app also interfaces with several customer Alexa skills to collect data and provide feedback to a patient fighting the virus from home. It will also send alerts to family, friends or healthcare professionals if critical thresholds are reached. We hope this can make a difference with people struggling with the Covid-19 outbreak.


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Current Feature List (We will be adding to this list as we get feedback and time)

  • Alexa Skill interfaces for home assessment survey and home monitoring skills capturing temperature, oxygen levels and breathing rates and coughing rates.
  • API interface with iHealthlabs sensor manufacture to pull in captured oxygen levels and heart rate
  • Twilio interface for SMS alerts and consent messages
  • Basic consent system for sending alerts to family, friends and providers.
  • Data points trended: Oxygen Levels, Temperature, Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, Coughing Rate and Type.